A phone call away…

Have you wondered when that phone call or email will come letting you know that you’re going to be published?  To writers, who still wait for that call, how do you think you would respond?  To writers already published, what’s your story?  I created a small scene below as an inspiration. Then I thought I wouldn’t sit but walk from the excitement. More likely, I would be hysterical.


As I lowered the last plate into the dishwasher, the sun warmed my skin through the lace curtain. Peaceful, if only for a moment, I sighed, shortly to be troubled by the curtain blown into my face sending goose bumps down my arms. I looked at the uneasy apple tree branches bringing me back to real life. When am I going to be in better spirits? Nothing seemed to go right. Greg lost his job. My little one got sick. I wished to stay home and be with him, but bills…lots of them. I didn’t feel like seeing people at work. Tired, I was so tired of running everywhere and not finding time for myself—

“Mom, the phone is ringing!”

“I don’t have time, let it ring! I’m already late.”

But then eying the phone, I reached for it, curiosity getting better of me. Someone has left a message. Hmm, I don’t know the number. Dialing….

“Did you just call me?”

“Anna, it’s Maggie Stuart. We’ve met at the conference. I got your manuscript in front of me.”

“Who?…Oh. Excuse me for a second.” No peace in this house.

Covering the speaker of my phone, I said. “Guys, be quiet for a moment. Mommy got a very important call. Do you understand?”

“But Mom?”

“Not now, Adam. You will tell me later.”

“Mrs. Stuart, I’m so sorry–”

“Are you sitting down?”


“Then you better sit. I have wonderful news. Sundale is going to publish your story.”


“I love my job. You’re going to be published. Whatever you do, please be free in an hour.”

“When did it happen? I don’t know what to say.”

“I’ll call back in one hour. I have a meeting in a few minutes. Congratulations.”

The click of the phone ended the most anticipated phone call in the last few years. I stared into nothingness, frozen in place. I’m getting dizzy.

“Mommy, are you okay? Why are you sitting on the floor?”

“What? Oh, I’m okay, Adam. Let me kiss you. I have great news to tell your dad…. We’re going to eat out today.”

I wanted to sing my lungs out. Somehow I knew I had it all along. I won’t call myself a hypocrite anymore thinking I can write. Maybe, I shouldn’t be too happy until I sign the contract… Should I let my friends and coworkers know? No, don’t be too eager. Wait. When you are too happy, something bad usually happens. Be humble. Keep it to yourself for now. Thank you, Jesus. It was all Your doing.

Mom, why are you crying?”

“Oh, from happiness, honey. It’s nothing. Do you remember about blessings sent from heaven?”


“Mommy just got her dream. How wonderful is that?”