I’m so glad to see you here. :)

One month ago, I joined ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers).

So far, I have found many people trying to please and offer advice as needed. Their website was a bit overwhelming at first, but now I feel right at home. It was to my surprise to see so many people contributing.

I will concentrate on the road that brought me to writing and started a small flame within me. I hope that it never burns out, and ACFW will help me accomplish my goals.

First, I have started this wonderful journey through getting to know an awesome writer, Nancy Jo Jenkins.  Her novel and her words inspired me to write. Coldwater Revival is a book to cherish. I’m so glad that I came to love this author so much and found a great friend! Thank you for giving me a dream!

I came across ACFW through Shawna Williams, a wonderful author. We’ve corresponded in one of the forums that led me to her website. Visiting, I have found one of the links pointing to ACFW.

So, after I visited the website and read about the conference coming up, I was not going to miss it. Pulled in two opposite directions, one of the voices was telling me I’m not ready yet. Don’t be a hypocrite. The other one was assuring me it’s my call. You have it.

When my employer agreed that I go, I signed up for it thinking God knew before I did. Two critiques of my work have been booked, as well as two appointments with agents to see if I’m on the right track. Any advice from them will be much appreciated. I wish to thank Susan Wingate for opening her heart to lead me through the creation of my website.

Also, I wish to thank Lisa Hanson and Iola Goulton for providing constructive feedbacks. Lisa is a wonderful gal who acts like a bug killer in my writing. And Iola possesses a sixth sense by helping me complete my vision of a story. And I wish to thank the rest of the girls in the Amazon forum who have been good friends and offered words of encouragement.