I’m an avid reader who loves all kinds of books. I have a passion for writing. Mastering the craft gives me a lot of joy. Away from books, I love nature, history, anthropology, math, ceramics, music, dance, animals…. There is so much that I couldn’t fit it here. I’m curious and love to satisfy my hunger for learning.

My family is a treasure. I have two beautiful sons of a young age and a husband who is a talented carpenter. He creates his art by sculpting in wood while I use my words to craft a novel that will touch the hearts of others. I write from a depth deep within me that is poured out like water on rocks.

The water gives life, and as a servant of Christ I want to replenish your life with happiness and abundance found in His words.

I’m like a painter who paints but in words without knowing if it will provide bread some day building a better world–one story at a time.

God bless you for visiting my blog, and I pray your journey with Him will be a joyful one.

Anna Labno