It came to pass…

“Are you proud of me?” my son asked.

I opened my mouth to say something then closed it. Didn’t he feel appreciated? As if not to break an egg, I poked to find out what was choking him. What my son wanted was to be like any other kid, a normal kid.

After his words fell, things became clear to me like a sawn granite when it’s wet—displaying a rainbow of colors. He didn’t get picked by his classmate to join the team of popular kids. As if in pain, he looked down. “I don’t want to be a leftover kid.”

My heart squeezed. I closed my eyes. I was ten years old once again playing volleyball. Afraid to reach for the ball, I stood in the back row of the game and out of the picture, and that’s how I felt inside—total loneliness.

The beginning of each school year can bring a bit of havoc in children’s lives and in our own. Would teachers choose their favorites, picking children like lustrous peaches at the food market?

We won’t know and won’t be there every step of their way.

“You are strong. Do not worry too much,” I said to my son, not wanting these negative feelings to nestle inside his heart.

To brush off worries on our family night and to forget, we picked the Lego Movie.

What a great reminder to us to believe in ourselves and not to believe in people’s judgment.

Just believe in yourself. You are what you believe you are.

Do not forget that through Him you can do all things.

If it feels like you aged ten years in a year counting more wrinkles on your forehead or gray hair, please slow down and reflect.

We have dreams. And our children have them too. No boy wants to be called a slow poke but a racer. Prepare your little racers to go over the hurdles in their lives by knowing Him and trusting Him.

Let them know things will pass…like a race. But a life entrusted in Him won’t pass in a flash of lightning.

I’m a proud Mama. I see my son’s kindness, always volunteering to help the broken ones in this world. His heart is pure gold.

And now, I’m talking to you. If, at the moment, you do not feel your best, use a recipe prescribed by me. Play the Lego Movie and sing the happy song because we’re not walking this road alone.

“Everything Is Awesome.”




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