How well are you handling it? What do you do when you don’t hear from your children? What do you do when your employer doesn’t tell you how he/she feels about your work? And how about your friends who disappear from your life?

When you call to God and say your prayers for something to happen, nothing happens. Your prayers seem to lift with the wind unanswered.

Patience, my friend. And faith…

We all want things to happen now. We all take it personally. We have a tendency to speculate and think we know what is going on. Something much bigger is at work even when we don’t seem to know it right now.

If you’re waiting for that call, don’t give up. If you’re battling your faith because for so long your prayers have been unanswered, keep believing and praying. Allow God’s strength to make you stronger. See what’s important at the moment. The day will come…


P.S. This blog went silent for awhile.  I didn’t disappear. I’m at work, but you knew that, right?


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